Razom Grants: “ZVICHAYNI LUDI” – Extraordinary Kindness of the Ordinary People

The public organization “Zvichayni Ludi” (English: “Ordinary People”) was created by Iryna Stroeva and Anna Vovk in July 2019 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The organization grew, and for the past three years it was actively helping disadvantaged and orphaned children, providing aid to orphanages and hospitals.

2022 russian invasion of Ukraine changed the lives of every member of “Zvichayni Ludi,” but it didn’t change their determination and desire to help those in need. Now, joined by many more “ordinary” volunteers from different backgrounds, “Zvichayni Ludi” provide food, water, hygiene products, medical supplies, and even emergency window repairs to the most vulnerable populations, public hospitals, and Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines in Kharkiv region. They deliver aid to people in shelters, subway stations, and Kharkiv territories liberated from russian occupation. Moreover, they supply local kitchens with groceries covering about 3000 meals and so far have assisted in the preparation and delivery of over 200,000 meals.

The organization aims to provide help directly to those who need it the most. To assist as many people as possible, “Zvichayni Ludi” created an effective system of forming and issuing orders and optimized the logistics between the call center and the warehouse improving packaging and delivery times. They also set up special brigades to repair windows in residential buildings affected by shelling. 

University professors and students, company directors and workers, entrepreneurs and the unemployed, doctors and engineers, men and women – 150 people who call themselves “ordinary” were able to help more than 102,000 Kharkiv residents. Their selfless nature and incredible humanitarian efforts are especially valuable to those who live far from the city and don’t have access to any supplies.

Razom for Ukraine has already provided $11,000 and recently approved another grant of $19,000 to aid “Zvichayni Ludi” in their honorable and necessary mission! Watch the video below to see these wonderful people in action.

by Yelena Ivlieva

Additional donation options available at www.razomforukraine.org/donate

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