Razom Says Dyakuyu – Thank You – to Humble Bundle

We are excited to share with you our series Razom Says Dyakuyu. “Dyakuyu” means “thank you” in Ukrainian. Our work supporting Ukraine and getting humanitarian aid on the ground where it is needed most, would not be possible without the generous donations made by donors. Within this series we will be highlighting some of the thousands of amazing donors and fundraisers that Razom has been very fortunate to gain support of.

Razom for Ukraine was truly honored to be selected as one of the recipients of the Humble Bundle’s “Stand With Ukraine” charity effort and was awarded $5.07 million. It was to-date the largest single donation we have ever received at Razom.

Since russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, Razom has been an awe-struck witness of all the different and creative ways businesses have raised and donated funds to support the Ukrainian people. Humble Bundle, a digital storefront for games, e-books, and software, strongly focused on charitable work, joined forces with game creators, publishers, and software makers who donated their items putting together an online “Stand with Ukraine” bundle with 100% of proceeds going to humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

“Like others around the world, we’ve been dismayed by the invasion of Ukraine and the resulting tragedies… together with our industry partners, we were able to bring in over $20 million for Ukraine – the single largest donation we’ve been able to make in our 11-year history. We’re extremely grateful to our community for their care and action in supporting this important cause. Even though it can’t undo the pain and devastation caused by the invasion, the funding will go a very long way in feeding, sheltering, and providing medical care for millions of refugees who have fled Ukraine since the start of the war.” – Kamini Tiwari, VP Social Impact, Humble Bundle shared in a feature article in Forbes.

Humble Bundle introduction to Razom came through one of its co-founders John Graham and his wife Olga. After a quick conversation facilitated by a common friend with one of Razom’s volunteers during the early days of March, they were inspired by Razom’s mission and concrete actions. John and Olga thought of this opportunity to help Razom raise funds and connected the dots with Humble Bundle. John worked tirelessly to enable this bundle on the back end and it certainly delivered most impressive results.

People around the globe purchased the Stand with Ukraine bundle that featured games, including Metro Exodus, developed by 4A Games (which has a studio in Kyiv), books, including Pathfinder 2nd Edition Core Rulebookand software, including GameMaker Studio 2 Creator.

Humble Bundle’s effort from March 18 to 25 raised over $20.7 million with 473,945 bundles purchased. Razom for Ukraine received a fourth of the funds – equaling over $5M. As Dora Chomiak, Razom President, said: “From all of us at Razom, our wholehearted thank-you goes to Humble Bundle for your so not-humble, but extremely generous, support of our work. Your donation had a major impact enabling us to scale our efforts in providing critical, life-saving aid to the people of Ukraine.”

Thanks to our incredible donors, including the outstanding support of Humble Bundle, Razom for Ukraine:

  • Shipped hundreds of tons of tactical medical equipment and critical medical supplies to Ukraine:
    • Assembled more than 43,000 individual first aid kits (IFAKs) and over 900 medical backpacks.
    • Made hundreds of trips carrying tactical medicine cargo (fulfilling over 1000 deliveries) prioritizing hot spot cities and regions where Ukrainians are actively repelling russian invaders.
  • Evacuated 31 families (totaling over 500 people) with children with special needs to safety.
  • Partnered with more than 40 organizations on the ground to provide tens of thousands of hot meals, distribute thousands of grocery packages to the elderly and disabled, support families of veterans, renovate homes for displaced families. We have deployed over $1.6M for these programs to date.

Humble Bundle continues supporting Ukraine and Razom through their work contributing a portion of the proceeds from their other bundles.

Razom and all the Ukrainians who have received much-needed help say, “dyakuyu” – Ukrainian for thank you – to Humble Bundle.

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