Razom Says Dyakuyu – Thank You – To JFKIAT Terminal 4

We are excited to share with you our series Razom Says Dyakuyu. Dyakuyu means “thank you” in Ukrainian. Our work supporting Ukraine and getting humanitarian aid on the ground where it is needed most, would not be possible without generous donors. With this series we are highlighting some of the amazing donors and fundraisers that have supported Razom.

It is with deep gratitude for solidarity and support that one of the representatives of Razom for Ukraine traveled to JFK airport on 12 July to accept the kind donation of $31,000 from the Terminal 4 team

The contributed funds had been collected by John F. Kennedy International Airport JFKIAT through the coin collection program of Terminal 4. Within this program, for a period of two months, several coin collection boxes were installed throughout the concourse to provide the passengers and employees with an opportunity to make their contribution towards Ukraine’s achievement of decisive victory. The strategically placed boxes offered people to donate to Razom as well as to learn of additional ways of supporting our organization’s humanitarian relief efforts.

Throughout March and April, the passengers of “one of the most active air terminals in the New York area” made their charitable donations and familiarized themselves with Razom. Having strived to achieve justice for our shared humanity through many other philanthropic actions — such as employee volunteering and community outreach — the JFKIAT team acted on their charitable financial contribution experience and matched the gathered funds for an even greater impact.

“We are devastated by this war and the detrimental impact it has been having on millions of people in Ukraine,” said Roel Huinink, President and CEO of JFKIAT. “We stand with the people of Ukraine, and we hope this donation will help to provide relief and support.” 

If we think of the hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions of people that had learned about Razom having passed by the coin boxes with the organization’s logos at the JFK terminal, it is safe to say that JFKIAT’s fundraising project is the gift that will keep on giving. 

With Razom volunteers working tirelessly on achieving the speedier victory, we are grateful and say dyakuyu to JFKIAT for their trust in us as an organization to turn their support into the aid to the people of Ukraine!

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