Ukrainian Moot Court Team Triumphs at Oxford

Razom remains committed to supporting Ukraine’s future leaders! We recently helped the Taras Shevchenko National University team compete in the Oxford Intellectual Property (IP) Moot Court Competition. Coached by Ilona Boliubash and Nataliia Badora, the team – Anastasiia Tolkachova, Anna Tkachuk, and Sofiia Yermolenko – made Ukraine proud. They faced off against 27 teams worldwide and won 2 out of 4 rounds!

This achievement is even more inspiring considering the wartime environment in which the team prepared. Despite the challenges, the three contenders persevered, showcasing their talent and skills. The competition not only deepened their legal expertise but also provided valuable intercultural exposure. Representing Ukraine on the world stage during such a difficult time was a moment of immense pride.

It’s crucial for Razom to support young minds and make their participation possible. Their journey doesn’t end here. They are committed to continuous improvement, aiming to become the next generation of Ukrainian IP leaders and ensure Ukraine’s continued presence at this prestigious event.

Voices from the Team

Sofiia Yermolenko: “Participating in the Moot Court was transformative. It allowed me to feel like a normal student again. The sense of community and shared passion for IP law was truly inspiring.  I gained valuable knowledge and skills that I’m eager to use to contribute to a post-war Ukraine fostering innovation and economic growth.”

Anastasiia Tolkachova: “Representing Ukraine at Oxford was a unique and unforgettable experience. The team’s dedication and passion fueled our success. Our heartfelt thanks go to Razom for Ukraine, our incredible coaches, and the welcoming global community of IP enthusiasts we met. This event was a breath of fresh air – a week free from the constant threat of war. It recharged me and ignited a renewed energy to contribute to Ukraine’s legal system and post-war development.”

Anna Tkachuk: “The Oxford Moot Court fosters a supportive environment, creating a true community. The opportunity to interact with talented students, experienced coaches, and esteemed judges was incredibly rewarding. The oral rounds were particularly valuable, pushing me to hone my advocacy skills and receive real-time feedback. Looking back, I’m proud of our team’s research, legal performance, and ability to stand out in such a competitive field.”

The story of the Ukrainian team at the Oxford Moot Court is one of hope and dedication. It highlights the transformative power of education and the unfaltering spirit of a nation united in the face of adversity. Their success serves as an inspiration to all, demonstrating that even in hardship, the pursuit of knowledge and a brighter future continues.

Learn more about the Razom Ticket project and support the brilliant young minds of Ukraine today!

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