Razom is honored to announce a $1,620,000 grant from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation

Razom is honored to announce a $1,620,000 grant from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation to support the Razom Heroes emergency medicine program. 

“Russia’s full-scale invasion has targeted Ukraine’s critical infrastructure  while deliberately killing and injuring thousands of civilians and  regularly overwhelming Ukraine’s emergency response capabilities. Our  partnership with Razom is designed to expand Ukraine’s emergency medical response capacity by delivering medical supplies and training to Ukraine’s civilian first-responders and essential workers.” – Howard G. Buffett, the Foundation’s Chairman and CEO  

Established in 1999, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation has invested more than $600 million in  Ukraine since the Russian full-scale invasion in 2022 to address the largest  humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II. The Foundation’s support has been instrumental to sustaining Ukraine’s agricultural sector, building Ukraine’s capacity for demining, and rebuilding strategic infrastructure.  

The Foundation’s grant to Razom will facilitate the delivery of 5,000 Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs), supplies and staff training for Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) and Ukraine’s State Emergency Services. 

In 2023, Razom Heroes made over 1,700 individual deliveries of supplies to end-users  across Ukraine, including distributing over 40,000 IFAKs. Teaming up with the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, Razom facilitated week-long basic medical training for some 2,000  civilian leaders across Ukraine including educators, civil society leaders, local government employees, and medical students. 

Razom is a leading U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to offering humanitarian aid and  delivering programs and services that prioritize health, education, and civil society in Ukraine. Additionally, Razom advocates for Ukraine and fosters the sharing of Ukrainian culture in America.

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