Toy Drive gifts for little Ukrainians

The Razom Toy Drive – one of our longest running projects – continues its noble mission of gathering and providing help to children of Ukrainian soldiers. The last few months of 2017 were “hot” in the States, collecting and packing and delivering. But the efforts pay off. When you learn that now, children of Ukrainian soldiers feel special while receiving presents for their Birthdays and on other important occasions, you know that you did everything right.


The project team devoted their precious time and effort to collect presents for kids during the last holiday season in late 2017. Many people from different cities and towns in the US responded to the call for Toy Drive donations. Razom thanks everyone, who donated toys, clothes and school appliances. This support is simply immeasurable! The project was pushed a few weeks earlier than in the previous year, with the goal of creating a special celebration for kids on St. Mykolai’s Day. Everything was packed and sent to Ukraine in early December. Thus, children in the Lviv foster-school #2 received their dream presents on time. That day the children watched a nice performance, and received their individual gifts from Mykolai and his helpers personally.


But the Toy Drive team knows that receiving gifts should go beyond St. Mykolai’s Day. More boxes with future-presents – books, notebooks, stuffed toys, t-shirts and jeans, – were packed and sent additionally for giving out later in the year. Now the time of the special gifts has begun. Each week personally organized packages of gifts are delivered to children for their Birthdays. To follow the news of delivered happiness, join the Toy Drive Facebook group.


Razom is extremely thankful to the core team of Toy Drive volunteers: Oksana Lytvyn, Yuliya Kharchuk, Yuliya Kornevych, Halyna Kushyk, Oksana Korposh, Yulia Kurka, Nataliya Zuykova, Galyna Karpenski, Liliya Shmatenkova, Ivanna Yana Kuz, Dmytro Kavun and Anna Lozynska! We celebrate and cherish each and every one of the team. We know how difficult it is to find spare time for the project, but who else but actual parents understand best the importance of such support for military and non-military families with children in Ukraine. We are also grateful to the volunteers in Ukraine, who receive, unpack, redistribute and present the donations to kids and families in Ukraine. Without our Ukrainian volunteers this project would have been impossible. So Thank You to the whole Toy Drive team!



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Earlier in August 2017 Toy Drive project organized a Charity Picnic in Central Park (NYC), and collected funds to support Lviv Education Foundation program “Starshyi Brat”.


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