Newsletter #3: Day 8 of Ukrainians’ incredible resistance

It’s not just March 3rd, it’s day eight of Russia’s war on Ukraine and Ukrainians’ incredible resistance.  Below, you’ll find the latest on how you can continue to get involved & support Ukraine, and updates on Razom’s Emergency Response project.  

Let’s begin with how to update your to-do list for today.  If Ukrainians dare to stop a tank with their bare hands, you can dare to do the following:

  • Thanks to the UACC’s (Ukrainian American Coordinating Council) quickly obtaining a special export license for regulated, military-grade items, you can now help us get protective gear for the civilian defense units that are protecting each city, town, and village in Ukraine.   This means procuring large shipments of military-grade helmets and armory vests.  
  • Keep putting the pressure on your representatives, the US administration, and European leaders to close the airspace over Ukraine, enact harsher sanctions to isolate Russia, seize russian oligarchs’ wealth, and provide more military & humanitarian support for Ukraine.  We’ve got some templates for that right here

Don’t worry, the list continues below…

  • Stay vigilant when it comes to disinformation.  Make sure that you are verifying where you’re submitting your donations given there are so many tools available to us for raising awareness.  Razom’s donation page has options for bank transfer, check, PayPal, Zelle, and crypto.  You can always choose to donate to fundraisers on Facebook or Instagram too (we’re finally blue check mark verified!), knowing those funds take a bit longer to arrive.
  • There is now a Ukrainian migrant task force consisting of experienced immigration attorneys, attorney bar associations, law firms, and law school clinics.  Razom volunteers are there too!  If you are a lawyer willing to help, fill out this form to get involved.
  • Join a rally to #StandWithUkraine to meet Ukrainians, connect with each other, and learn about what’s at stake in the world right now.  There’s a repository of rallies & protests held around the world here.  You can add a rally or protest to that list here.  
    • In New York City on Saturday, March 5th, there will be a 1pm rally in Times Square and a Stand With Ukraine Community Concertat 5pm at the Ukrainian National Home.  You can purchase your tickets to that here

An Update on Razom’s Emergency Response Project:

  • We’ve raised over $4M in the past week, and with your continued support hope to significantly increase that number.  It’s never been more important than now to support work in Ukraine.  
  • A 20 ton shipment of tactical medical and hospital supplies is making its way through customs in New Jersey right now.  
  • We’ve rented out a Boeing 787 from LOT Polish Airlines to be able to fill and transport an entire aircraft of only the most urgent emergency supplies for Ukraine by Tuesday, March 8th.
  • We’ve partnered with Americares to procure their entire surplus of tactical medical supplies (9 pallets) that should make it’s way to New Jersey in a day or two.   
  • We can’t wait to keep you updated on the impact of your support, and post regular updates about the project on our site

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