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Thank you for standing with Ukraine!
How can you help Ukraine? Below are a few simple steps.

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I stand with Ukraine! [@govt official] #StopPutin #CloseTheSky #WeaponsforUkraine #IsolateRussia

Government officials: @OlafScholz @EmmanuelMacron @JoeBiden @BorisJohnson @luigidimaio


I stand with Ukraine and I ask my government, my President/Prime Minister (enter name) to:

  • Protect Ukrainian airspace 
  • Provide weapons and medical/humanitarian help to Ukraine
  • Isolate Russia economically and politically


I stand with Ukraine! I ask my government [@govt official] to #StopPutin #CloseTheSky #WeaponsforUkraine #IsolateRussia

Write your elected officials in the US.

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Sample text:

“I stand with Ukraine and against Russian aggression. As your constituent, I ask that you speak for me in the halls of Congress and say that we will not tolerate this violent assault on Ukrainian sovereignty.

I ask that you support and advocate for the following actions:

  • Provide weapons to Ukraine
  • Provide medical/humanitarian assistance
  • Isolate Russia economically and politically 
  • Protect Ukrainian airspace

The United States provided security assurances to Ukraine in 1994 with the signing of the Budapest Memorandum. As a constituent, I request your support for Ukraine in Congress, to uphold our obligations by suppressing the Kremlin’s destructive actions against Ukraine.”

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