Part of $1,000,000 commitment from the Jets

The New York Jets have donated an additional $100,000 to benefit Razom for Ukraine. The donation is part of the organization’s $1 million commitment, to be split between various organizations, to help aid the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Previous donations of $100,000 were given to Razom for Ukraine, Plast Scouting, the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, UNITED24, CityServe, Slow Beskid & Children’s Paths, Nova Ukraine and Revived Soldiers Ukraine.

In 2022 and 2023, Razom distributed more than $80 million in donated funds to over 150 organizations in Ukraine that provide aid and services to frontline and liberated areas that supply basic needs such as food, power, medicine, first aid kits and water filtration systems. Additional and ongoing support includes providing winterization materials to individuals along with the scaling up tactical medicines and supplies for field medics, evacuation vehicles, tourniquets, portable medical scanners, and mobile shower units for frontline defenders.

The events in Ukraine are personal to the Johnson family and the New York Jets.  Suzanne Johnson, wife of Mr. Johnson, grew up in a Ukrainian neighborhood in New York and is from a family of immigrants.  Her mother, Marie, was born to Ukrainian immigrant parents while her father, Stefan Ircha, is from Ternopil, a town outside of Kyiv, and immigrated to the United States after WWII.  

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About Jets Foundation

We create impactful programming that leaves lasting legacies for our community. Initiatives funded by the New York Jets Foundation positively influence the lives of young people in the tri-state area and provide opportunity for disadvantaged communities.

About Razom for Ukraine

Razom for Ukraine (Razom) was founded in 2014 and is one of the leading US-based nonprofits dedicated to the mission of supporting a democratic and prosperous Ukraine. With a robust international network of volunteers and partners, Razom, which means “together” in Ukrainian, provides humanitarian aid, and administers programs and services focused on health, advocacy, civil society and culture. Razom advances its mission by creating spaces where people meet, partner and do, while maintaining a relentless focus on the needs on the ground in Ukraine. Since the full-scale invasion in 2022, Razom for Ukraine has grown to include over 200,000 donors and volunteers. Website:


Contact: Meghan Gilmore (973) 549-4684

Photo: Greg Kupchynsky 

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