Investing in Ukraine’s Future: Razom’s Commitment to Education and Innovation

Razom is proud to support  education in Ukraine. We are passionate about investing in the country’s talented youth, the future generation of professionals set to lead with innovation, drive positive change, and contribute to global advancements.

Recently, Razom sponsored the first, in-person school of mathematics for students in grades 1-6 and 10th grade, held in the Kyiv region at the end of October. This one-week event brought together 80 participants and featured not only intensive math sessions but also master classes, talent shows, chess tournaments and sports activities.

In the words of one participant, the atmosphere created by the teachers made math irresistible.. Onsite math schools are vital, providing face-to-face learning that fosters stronger connections and faster progress compared to remote alternatives.


The event was organized by Tsyfra, one of Kyiv’s finest math clubs dedicated to providing supplementary mathematical education and nurturing scientific thinking among primary and secondary students. With  disciplines like math, mathematical logic, physics/natural science and chess, Tsyfra  educates  through study groups, emphasizing problem-solving via lectures, seminars, games, and theoretical analyses.


The center’s commitment to academic excellence is evident through consistently high results in various Olympiads and competitions, as students continue to excel, even amidst the challenges of war.

At Razom, our mission is to continue fostering democracy and prosperity in Ukraine, and we believe supporting education is a key, long term strategy to manifest this purpose. We proudly recognize the dedicated teachers shaping the minds of Ukrainian children, and the students who persevere in their studies. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our amazing sponsors, whose generosity makes these programs possible. Together, we’re paving the way for a brighter future in Ukraine.

We invite you to learn more and support Razom’s Relief Program, of which Razom Ticket is a part. 

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