International Day for the Protection of Children

June 1st  is the International Day for Protection of Children. Nowadays, Ukraine’s children fight for a stolen childhood. For ten years, Ukrainian kids have been losing loved ones to the war in the East and for over two years, Russia has been actively committing atrocities, killing children daily and forcibly taking them from their families. This is not just a tragedy, it is genocide.

At Razom, we are dedicated to supporting and protecting these children through various projects and initiatives.

Future Project:

By supporting camps and centers for kids and teenagers, we aim to provide more than just education, skills, and safety in high-risk areas. Our goal is also to prevent young people from losing their sense of direction. Supporting these kids today means creating a healthier future populace who will be able to contribute to a stable and renewed country.

Razom Toy Drive:

The children of fallen defenders in Ukraine are under constant stress and in dire need of help. The Razom Toy Drive team is committed to wrapping these children’s hearts with warmth and love, recognizing their immense courage and resilience in the face of war. Read more: here

Razom Ticket:

This initiative aims to increase engagement in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines among Ukrainian children. We strive to provide a head start for kids in the world of professional science, IT, and entrepreneurship. Read more: here

The Co-Pilot Project: We have brought, and continue to bring doctors on mission trips to Ukraine to operate on children and save lives, ensuring they receive the medical care they desperately need. Read more: here

Razom z Toboyu (Razom with You): This network of centers is designed to provide mental health support to individuals, both children and adults, who have been affected by war. Read more: here

We are actively speaking out against the forcible and illegal deportation of Ukrainian kids by Russia, bringing international attention to these heinous acts. Read more: here

Your support is crucial in helping us continue these vital projects. Together, we can make a difference and offer support to the youngest victims of this war. 

Donate to Razom and help us support and empower Ukrainian children. 

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