Ukrainian Leadership Academy at RAM 2018

We had the pleasure of introducing a number of incredible Ukrainian activists and their projects to our NYC community during the Razom Annual Meeting 2018. One of them was Oleksandr Medvediev, who told us about the Ukrainian Leadership Academy (ULA) – the recent Razom Partner. Oleksandr believes: ” RAZOM we can build the new story of Ukraine”



The vibes of Ukrainian progress and activism were in the air. The event was a perfect mix of people, who took up a leadership position, not complaining about problems, but finding solutions. Shortly after the event Oleksandr Medvediev posted to his page: “Razom for Ukraine and Ukrainian diaspora in New York – you are amazing ?? Thank you for supporting great initiatives in Ukraine – Yuriy DidulaВахтанг КіпіаніRoman Tychkivskyy. Looking forward to our upcoming cooperation ?”


At the event Oleksandr took the stage to share with all of us the Academy’s vision, goals and accomplishments. He also highlighted it all later in a social media post:

“We need more believers and doers in Ukraine! There is a big demand for a community of skilled leaders who take responsibility and bring positive change to social, economic and public spheres!

Since 2015 the Ukrainian Leadership Academy is helping to bring up a cohort of leaders among young Ukrainians from all over the world.

Our 408 alumni successfully passed the value based 10 month program of physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. This year we got near 3212 applications! As a result 244 students from all regions of Ukraine and Canada joined the ULA leadership movement in six branches ?? Proud to be a part of this team ?”


“Creating yourself – Creating Ukraine ??” – concluded Oleksandr. And we couldn’t agree more. 


We are grateful to Oksana Falenchuk for being an active leader for the partnership of ULA and Razom, and for her great hospitality for some of the Meeting’s guests and speakers! With your questions and suggestions about the partnership you can contact Oksana at


Learn more about the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership and support the important goals of the project!


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