Ukrainian Media & the 2019 Elections: A Crash Course

The campaign for President of Ukraine officially started in January. Razom volunteers hosted a presentation on Saturday, February 9 by three media professionals from Ukraine who spoke in New York City about the current media landscape. The intent was to provide a ‘crash course’ on the main media outlets so people following the events in Ukraine can be informed consumers of the news about the election.


We are grateful to everyone who attended. The donations will go to support Hromadske Radio, one of the few non-commercial and non-government owned media in the Ukrainian media market. You can support Hromadske Radio here via PayPal and help maintain an alternative to oligarch-owned media.


Here is the information presented by Kyrylo Loukerenko, Ira Solomko and Artem Zakharchenko: 2019-02-09 Full Presentation Media and Elections in Ukraine

Detector Media has now published more detailed statistics about the popularity of each channel and you can read them here.

Full report of the material presented by Artem Zakharchenko can be found here.


More details about the TV stations that Hromadske Radio journalists Ira Solomko and Kyrylo Loukerenko presented on are here.


You can watch the record of the livestream in Razom Facebook videos.
Thank you to Razom volunteer Oleksii Prokopenko for setting up the livestream feed.


Razom volunteers have more events planned in the coming months. Be sure to follow the Facebook page for the latest news.



If you live/currently located in the US, but would like to vote in the upcoming Ukrainian presidential elections, you can find helpful information about registration and the process in the description and discussion of this event


Photos by Andrii Tychenok.

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