Tipper Gore donates $1 Million to Razom for Ukraine

Humanitarian, Philanthropist and Activist, former Second Lady Tipper Gore has donated a total of $1 million to the Ukrainian-American nonprofit, Razom for Ukraine. The funds are being used to provide immediate humanitarian aid to Ukrainians on the ground. The former Second Lady has long been involved in disaster relief efforts across the globe and is now working with Razom to ensure that Ukrainians receive critically-needed aid and supplies.

“Razom’s mission, to save lives and support on-the-ground efforts in Ukraine, is as vital as it is awe-inspiring.”

Tipper Gore

Razom for Ukraine mobilized its emergency response project to deliver vital humanitarian aid, including medical and hospital supplies since the Russian invasion began. This outreach has allowed Razom to build and deepen relationships with other nonprofit organizations in local hotspots, to coordinate the collection of donations, aggregate medical supplies, and deliver trainings to Ukrainian physicians. Tipper Gore’s donation will help Razom’s efforts to provide Ukraine with life-saving aid and resources.

“Razom’s mission, to save lives and support on-the-ground efforts in Ukraine, is as vital as it is awe-inspiring. Philanthropic support allows Razom to significantly expand its capabilities and scale its efforts as Russia’s unjustified, egregious attack rages on. I am proud to share that I am supporting Razom’s efforts in Ukraine, in the hope that it encourages others to do the same. As someone who has seen the effects of war firsthand in Zaire, I understand how critical Razom’s work is both now, and going forward. In this fight, the Ukrainian people have been a beacon of democracy for those who value their freedom from tyranny. The Russian invasion must be stopped to avoid pain for years and generations to come,” said Gore.

The first $900,000 of her contribution is being used to send direct aid to Ukraine, while the remaining $100,000 contribution is going toward expanding capacity.

Donations like Gore’s have allowed Razom to invest over $32.7M into the nonprofit’s emergency response efforts:

  • $19M went toward delivering life-saving tactical medicine and medical supplies to territorial defense units, hospitals, and field hospitals, all in active combat zones across Ukraine.
  • $9.9M went toward providing non-medical humanitarian aid such as communications resources that help ensure safe and effective delivery of aid
  • $1.7M went toward funding grants issued by Razom to organizations and initiatives that help civilians in combat zones and/or internally displaced persons
  • $1.1M went toward carrying out Razom’s logistic chain
  • $591K went toward procuring vehicles to deliver aid and help evacuate children, families, and wounded persons
  • $84K went toward aiding Razom’s advocacy work

“We are deeply honored to receive support from someone with such a textured history of advocacy, compassion, and philanthropy as Tipper Gore. Any and all contributions enable us to remain resolute in our mission to build a free and prosperous Ukraine. As such, we are immensely grateful to the former Second Lady for her generous contribution, one which I hope will inspire others to support our mission,” said Dora Chomiak, President of Razom. “Every cent given to us supports our emergency response and advocacy efforts, which embody a singular purpose right now: to save lives in Ukraine.”

Razom has directed most of its efforts to delivering critical humanitarian aid on the ground in Ukraine. Razom will continue its mission of building a free, democratic, and prosperous Ukraine and amplifying Ukrainian voices.


Nonna Tsiganok
Media Relations, Razom

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