This Election Day, Vote for Ukrainian Victory

Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day, and this year’s election is critical to ensure that Ukraine continues to receive the necessary support from the United States. Our team at Razom Advocacy encourages everyone who is eligible and cares about the future of Ukraine to make sure to vote by the time the polls close.

Why Should You Vote?

While voting is an important part of our civic duty as members of society, it also has an impact on the support that Ukraine will receive for the next two years. Many people do not turn out for midterm elections, but your vote is crucial at a time when many House and Senate chairmanships are due to change in 2023 and districts have been redrawn after the 2020 census. Only by voting can you show that Americans value continued support and aid to Ukraine.

It may sometimes feel that your single vote will not make much of a difference. However, many elections are decided by a relatively small number of votes, especially once you look past the larger races. In the last twenty years, there have been more than a dozen races decided by a single vote or ending in a tie, and many more have been decided by less than 1% of the vote.

How Should You Vote?

Voting processes differ vastly from state to state, and many states have already opened early voting for the past few weeks – and we are sure many of you have already voted. (If you have, thank you!) 

If you have not yet voted, here are some resources to determine the best way to do so in your area:

  • Over 20 states allow voters to register on Election Day. If your state is one of them and you’re not registered, make sure you bring proof of residency with you to your polling place, such as a driver’s license or ID card. You can find out more information on the registration requirements for your state here.
  • You can locate your polling place by using’s Polling Place Locater. It’s good to make a plan! Decide when you will vote and how you will get there – many local transportation options have discounts or special services to help voters access the polls.
  • Know your rights – check what you will need to bring with you, such as ID, before you leave. If you are in line when the polls close, keep your place – as long as you stay in line, you will be able to vote. If you experience any issues or anyone attempts to stop you from voting, call the election protection hotline at 866-687-8683 to report it. More information on Election Protection can be found here.
  •’s Ballot Information page provides information on all of the candidates that will be on your ballot. If their stance on Ukraine isn’t readily available, a quick Google search of their name and Ukraine can bring up previous statements they may have made around the issue.

On Election Day, we can all play an important role in ensuring continued support for Ukraine from the United States. Thank you for your advocacy.


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