Rebuilding Together: Sturdy Roofs for Winter

Russia’s full-scale invasion left the Kharkiv and Kherson regions, including villages like Prudianka, Tsypivka, Brazhkivka, and Mala Komyshuvakha, along with the city of Izium, deeply scarred. With winter approaching, damaged roofs leave homes vulnerable to the elements. Recognizing the urgent need for shelter before winter, Razom under the auspices of our Relief Program, provided grants to Volonterska UA, Nove Misto and World foundation for Ukraine, to undertake the crucial task of rebuilding roofs.


Over the past 6 months, these communities bore the brunt of extensive damage: 90% of buildings destroyed, direct hits from unexploded ordnance, and the aftermath of shelling and explosive waves. Basic necessities became a luxury, with villages located up to 30 kilometers away from major roads, rendering them practically inaccessible. With shops, pharmacies, schools, and hospitals non-operational, the challenges were immense.


Despite these adversities, the resilient spirit of the people prevailed, and many chose to return to their villages post-de-occupation. However, the issue of housing reconstruction remained unaddressed, leaving damaged houses vulnerable to the harsh winter conditions. Mold, deteriorating ceilings, and cracked walls served as poignant reminders of the pressing need for immediate action.

United in purpose, Razom together with Volonterska UA, Nove Misto and World foundation for Ukraine have set their focus on repairing roofs and installing windows, with a clear goal: to secure homes before the unforgiving winter sets in. This ongoing project, now one and a half months underway, extends its reach to both the rural villages and the city of Izium, where over 100 private houses suffered significant damage.

Numbers Tell the Story:

Volonterska UA

People Helped: 151 individuals

Houses Restored: 30

People Still to Help: 10 families, 20 individuals (including 2 children)


Nove Misto

Targeted Houses: 24

People to Help: 45 individuals


World foundation for Ukraine

Targeted Houses: 12


The project is advancing steadily. Purchasing materials and completing repairs will span the next three  months, ensuring the job is done thoroughly. Together, we’re not just rebuilding roofs; we’re restoring hope and resilience to the heart of Kharkiv and Kherson.

We invite you to learn more and support Razom’s Relief Program.

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