Razom supports GaliciaKult program in Kharkiv

GaliciaKult is a multidisciplinary social-cultural forum that happened in Kharkiv in October 2016.

GaliciaKult will physically transcend borders between west and east Ukraine, and bring the multifaceted culture of “Halychyna” region (west) to Kharkiv, the largest city of the Slobozhanshchyna historical region (northeast). The goal is to grasp the concept of a neighbor-ship, both inside the country and across the borders.

The forum’s program – the result of collaboration among curators, artists, scholars and cultural activists from West/East Ukraine and EU partners will include over 90 cultural events in several segments: visual art (8 exhibitions), music (5 big concerts), theater (6 spectacles), literature (17 meetings), film (16 films), lecture & discussion program (14 meetings) with a focus on different histories, identities and cultures of cities in Western Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine (represented by Kharkiv in the northeast). Razom has partnered up with DOFA Fund (organizer of #GaliciaKult) to raise cash to cover travel expenses for the artists. Full Forum Program is here: http://www.dofa.fund/total-program Follow the events via DOFA Fund Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dofa.fund/

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