Razom Says Dyakuyu – Thank You – to Cactus and Tryzub

We are excited to share with you our series Razom Says Dyakuyu. “Dyakuyu” means “thank you” in Ukrainian. Our work supporting Ukraine and getting humanitarian aid on the ground where it is needed most, would not be possible without the generous donations made by donors. With this series, we are highlighting some of the amazing donors and unique fundraisers that have supported Razom.

Razom says a heartfelt thank you to members of Cactus and Tryzub, who along with the Asian Community of Arizona united for the We Are Praying For Ukraine fundraiser, that took place at St. Paul’s Auditorium in Phoenix, AZ. Over $12,000 was collected and donated to Razom’s Emergency Response project that is focused on providing tactical medical aid to Ukraine.

An Arizona-based Ukrainian-American initiative, Cactus and Tryzub, was founded earlier this year by a group of volunteers who organized in response to russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24. 

“At Cactus and Tryzub we do political activism,” said fundraiser co-organizer Oli Stokolosa. “We organize rallies, events, and fundraisers to keep awareness about our beloved country Ukraine and deliver a message that the war is not over yet.”

On the evening of the event, representatives of more than nine Asian nations came together at St. Paul’s Auditorium to express their support for Ukraine while sharing their culture and traditions through visual and performing art. The highlights of the event were a beautiful Vyshyvanka Fashion Show by gorgeous Ukrainian and Asian models and the Moment of Dignity performance. 

The hosts of the event, Oli Stokolosa and Ty Ng, introduced Ukraine and Ukrainian traditions to the guests and educated attendees about the #DontFundTheWar campaign that raises awareness of American brands that are still operating in russia and funding the war.

“Our generation came to this country to escape either poverty, persecution, or war,” said Ty Ng, who is a film director and human rights advocate. “And because it’s no longer happening to us does not mean it is not happening to someone else somewhere else. So, I feel it is our moral obligation to protect each other.”

Razom representative Yulia O’Connell flew from New York City to take part in the special evening and speak with attendees about how Razom converts our donors’ contributions into aid for the people of Ukraine.

Razom and all the people who we’ve been able to support on the ground in Ukraine during the war say “dyakuyu” to Cactus and Tryzub members and Asian Community of Arizona for their support in the Southwest!

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