Razom Says Dyakuyu – Thank You – to Fox Rock Foundation

We are excited to share with you our series Razom Says Dyakuyu. “Dyakuyu” means “thank you” in Ukrainian. Our work supporting Ukraine would not be possible without the generous donations made by donors. This series highlights some of the amazing philanthropists and unique fundraisers that have supported Razom.

Razom is delighted to announce that we received a $1,000,000 donation from Karen and Rob Hale through their family foundation, Fox Rock Foundation.

“We are pleased to support Razom in their emergency response in Ukraine, which will enable them to continue to scale their emergency response to the unprovoked, full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We are impressed by the impact of their dedicated work to deliver life-saving medical supplies to people who need them most and inspired by their work to support internally displaced people by providing food, water, and shelter through a vast network of nonprofit partners on the ground in Ukraine,” said Karen Hale.

Fox Rock Foundation is a private family foundation established by Karen and Rob Hale and their adult children, Trevor, Thomas, and Brett, to inspire health in our communities and our environment, with more opportunity for all.

The foundation’s current focus is a series of grant partnerships with small and midsized nonprofits making a difference on a variety of causes in New England and beyond. Fox Rock Foundation builds on the philanthropy of Hales’ other charitable funds, like Granite Gives Back and FoxRock Cares. Through numerous giving channels, the Hale family has pledged or donated more than $300 million to a broad range of worthy causes. Razom is honored to be among this year’s beneficiaries. Forbes featured their remarkable philanthropy in a recent story: www.forbes.com.

The Hale family’s generous contribution is a sizable part of the $64M raised by Razom since February 24, 2022. All funds are directed to the immediate emergency response in Ukraine and have helped Razom to ship over 400 tons of medical equipment:

  • 16 3136 tourniquets; 
  • 90 000 first aid kits;
  • over 1,303 tactical medical backpacks; 
  • 100,000+ chest wound seals;
  • over 300 wound vac machines. (The Razom Impact Report, July 2022)

Additionally, Razom has provided grants to over 100 volunteer organizations in Ukraine that work tirelessly to deliver food, water, and shelter to people in hot zones, including recently liberated regions. Delivering help to Ukrainians, Razom drivers have driven farther than circling the globe seven times!

The Fox Rock Foundation donation started with a voicemail left at the Razom office in May. Razom volunteer, Yulia O’Connell, returned a call to the foundation and was asked to tell them about Razom. Yulia shared from the heart and told the Fox Rock Foundation leader why she has volunteered with Razom from the moment she moved to NYC. (Yulia is from Donetsk and spent several years living in Moscow.)

Since its establishment in 2014, Razom has created an inspiring community-building spirit and developed incredible patronage programs. For example, Veteranius is a project that supports Ukrainian veterans in embarking upon a career in IT. Building Ukraine Together (BUR) is a Ukraine-based NGO reminiscent of Habitat for Humanity that rebuilds schools, community centers, and housing for internally displaced Ukrainians.

Yulia also described how Razom volunteers in the US and Ukraine jumped into action in February to galvanize a robust first aid response, bringing much-needed medical aid to the front lines and Ukrainian hospitals. A few days later, Yulia received another call from the foundation and was thrilled to learn that Razom would receive a $1M donation from Fox Rock Foundation. The foundation representative explained that they wanted to support Razom because it was an established organization with a long track record supporting Ukrainian causes. It had the infrastructure to process the donation efficiently and get help to Ukraine quickly.

Razom extends a heartfelt dyakuyu – thank you – to Fox Rock Foundation for their confidence and trust in Razom’s mission.

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