Razom Lounge was bustling with activity at St. George’s Ukrainian Festival

What’s becoming an annual tradition at Saint George’s Ukrainian Festival, Razom Lounge once again offered a program that was creative, informative, intellectual and of course, lots of fun.


The day began on Saturday, May 21 at 12pm when Razom volunteers assembled the booth that would house the swanky couches where many artists, musicians, filmmakers, movers and shakers would share their stories of how they are helping to build a free and prosperous Ukraine. Razom volunteer Tetyana Dzhula led the team that designed the space and developed the agenda while Dora Chomiak literally brought voices from Ukraine into the lounge by leading several discussions with activists via Skype. We had many forward-looking conversations that had participants talking about how they want Ukraine to look in 25 years. Towards the early evening, we heard the music of jazz pianist, and Fulbright scholar Roman Bardun, which created the perfect atmosphere for a happy hour and networking and marked the end of Saturday’s events.


Sunday also packed a full agenda as Tamara Lashchyk interviewed filmmaker Damian Kolodij about his new film Freedom or Death, a chronology which documented the events of Maiden. Many gathered and listened to the scintillating discussions while painter Sashko Danylenko created a work of art that was later auctioned off, to the highest bidder.  Face painting and bubbles have also become standard at Razom Lounge as they captivated children of all ages; something for everyone. The relaxed atmosphere welcomed its guests and invited friends to stop by, learn about Razom and our projects, sign up for our newsletter, and have a glass of kvas.  Razom will use the donations collected to continue our initiatives that amplify the voices of Ukraine.


The display of activities simply written on a white board caught the attention of many passers-by, while an agenda filled with compelling content kept them coming back around throughout the weekend.  Photos and the full agenda of activities can be viewed below.



Saturday, May 21
1:00pm Skype with Hugo Spaulding – Reformers Without Borders Fellow: First 20 days in Ukraine
2:00pm Conversation with Kyrylo Loukerenko, Editor-in-Chief of Громадське радіо
3:00pm Igor Melnyk and Ангелинка Бойко dance workshop
4:30pm: Roman Bardun solo jazz concert on keyboard
5:00pm Razom networking happy hour “What do you want Ukraine to look like in 25 years?”

Sunday, May 22
1:00pm Live painting by Sashko Danylenko
2:00pm Conversation with NYC filmmaker Damian Kolodiy about his new film “Freedom or Death.”
2:30pm Conversation via Skype with Yuriy Didula, project manager of ВІЛна Хата
5:00pm Live Auction by Tamara Lashchyk of Sashko Danylenko’s work


Big thanks to Bauer Dental Arts for donating to Razom to make the Razom Lounge a success! Thank you for always stepping in, Dr.Bauer. Visit bauerdentalarts.net to learn more about the practice run by a Ukrainian-American in Manhattan. And a very special ‘thank you!’ to the organizers of the Festival for helping to make the Lounge possible. Congratulations on 40 years of this incredible event.

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