Razom Lounge 2023 at the St. George’s Ukrainian Festival in New York

The Saint George Ukrainian Festival took place this past weekend in the East Village, New York.

This annual event marks a wonderful time of celebration of Ukrainian culture as we come together — Razom!

Razom was so happy to take part in this event through hosting our Razom Lounge. It was great to meet so many new individuals and start conversations about Razom projects.

Many of you donated, tried out our VR experience, or stopped by to mark where you’re from in Ukraine on our interactive map (thank you to Bohdan Yaremko for making the map!), stop by for a chat with a Razom volunteer, bought Ukrainian books, got yourself a cool Razom t-shirt, and lucky two of you even won tickets to the June 2 Jamala concert. It was a wonderful weekend and we would like to thank everyone for coming to support.

We thank all attendees and our amazing Razom volunteers for making this possible. And hoping to see you next year!

Enjoy this special video by Markian Nychka. Featured in video are:

Veselka :: Beceлкa, Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Christina Obertos, Anna Obertos , Vocal+Art Studio “Smilyvi”, Darina Burnos , Tasia Maczaj, Zera Mustafaeva, Zarema Mustafaeva, Christina Yavdoshnyak, Sofiya Sobolivska, and many wonderful Razom volunteers at the Razom Lounge.

We are grateful to Igor Martiniouk for the awesome group photo of Razom volunteers featured above, and to Markian Nychka and other volunteers for all the amazing photos from the Festival.

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