Razom IT presents “Converting a Tram Depot into a Creative Quarter in Lviv: A conversation with Ilia Kenigshtein”

Our February Razom IT Speaker Series event focused on a creative new project developing in Lviv. Ilia Kenigshtein presented how he is converting an old tram depot in Lviv into a cool co-working space that concentrates on education, technology and entertainment. He’s calling it the “Creative Quarter”, a place for entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, social figures to meet and create things under one roof.



The turnout at this event was so great, we could not fit all of the people into the room! Great presentation and conversations at the afterparty followed.


“True Ukrainian diaspora are people that love Ukraine. Nationality is not important.”  – Ilia Kenigstein.


Ilia is an advisor to the Lviv City Mayor on innovations and investments. He is also an initiator and key driver of the Lviv Smart City program to promote the sustainable development of the region and to create decent conditions for working and living taking into account safety, mobility and comfort of city residents.


“I’m working on the Creative Quarter project to pay it forward, so my daughter has better opportunities than I did growing up.” – Ilia Kenigstein.


Now he is working on nothing less than transforming the innovation culture in Lviv region. His current project is to design and build a Creative Quarter over 16,000 square meters of what is now a depot of trams. Creative Quarter will combine spaces for work, creativity, learning, leisure and entertainment. It will become the place to bring together all major technological and creative threads of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, developers, journalists, advertisers, artists and public figures. Right in the center of Lviv.


“This is about creating a better future for young people in Ukraine.” – Ilia Kenigstein.


Watch the full presentation below.


Read how Razom volunteer, Nastia Rab, described the event.


The RazomIT speakers series is made possible by the generous support of the Self Reliance New York Federal Credit Union and by the work of Razom volunteers.

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