Razom Health’s Co-Pilot Project Empowers Thousands of Ukrainian Doctors

In the latest chapter of Co-Pilot NEURO’s longtime work, Ukrainian and American specialists continue to evolve the neurosurgery sector in Ukraine. 

Since 2016, Razom’s Co-Pilot project has been transforming the field of neurosurgery in Ukraine. The initiative employs a tried and true “train the trainer” model, providing experiential education to top-tier professionals and sharing global medical expertise to be shared further with Ukrainian colleagues and students.

Within this vast portfolio of education and training, two endovascular neurosurgeons from New York University (NYU) Langone Health and Bellevue HHC, Dr. Maksim Shapiro and Dr. Peter Kim Nelson, ventured to Ukraine recently, aiming to provide cutting-edge surgical care. 

During their intensives across three key neurosurgery centers, a total of 21 surgeries were performed. Many of these procedures were broadcast in real-time, facilitating knowledge sharing among Ukrainian neurosurgeons.

The educational component was also a pivotal aspect of their trip. An international endovascular online conference, BANANAZ, featured lectures by experts like by Dr. Yuriy Cherednichenko, MD, PHD on the management of traumatic war injuries. Over 80 neurosurgeons benefited from these educational activities, including those attending the Annual Ukrainian Neurosurgical Association conference. 

In addition to their expertise, Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Nelson also brought invaluable medical equipment and supplies worth over $1.2 million.

Looking ahead, they plan to create an observership at NYU for Ukrainian endovascular neurosurgeons. The next mission, set for Spring 2024, will focus on Dnipro, Lviv, and Kyiv, with a strong emphasis on live surgeries and educational outreach.

The work of the Co-Pilot NEURO program showcases not only the progress in neurosurgery but also the unwavering commitment of the American and Ukrainian medical communities to support the development of Ukraine’s healthcare system.  

The partnership is a beacon of hope for the future of neurosurgery in Ukraine. Thank you to all participants for their unwavering support in making this mission a success!

Razom Co-Pilot Project’s medical missions/medical training in Ukraine) was started  with the idea to bring the best neurosurgery practices to Ukraine and form a new generation of neurosurgery leaders among Ukrainian doctors. This program has since successfully expanded to more specialties:

  • “Face to Face Ukraine” programs together with the American Academy of Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons and INgenious providing  reconstructive facial surgery with orthopedic and speech therapy components.
  • “Face the Future Ukraine” program with Face the Future Foundation (Canada) and Still Strong (Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Hospital) performing reconstructive facial surgeries, academic days for surgeons and nurses.
  • “Leap Global Mission Ukraine” focusing mostly on  facial reconstructive surgeries for children.
  • The Co-Pilot NEURO Program withs four subspecialties: endovascular neurosurgery, epilepsy surgical treatments, spinal neurosurgery, and open neurosurgery.
  • The Co-Pilot Ortho Program (Kyiv, Dnipro hospitals).

Results of the program’s work from 2016 to 2023: 

  • Over 100 doctors and medical personnel visited Ukraine. 
  • More than 245 complex surgeries were performed. 
  • Over 1500 patients were consulted. 
  • Over 120 Ukrainian surgeons participated in the missions and improved their qualifications. 
  • Over 2000 Ukrainian surgeons watched live streams of surgeries. 
  • More than 10 doctors underwent internships at U.S. universities. 
  • Nearly 20 Ukrainian hospitals were involved in the program.

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