Razom for Ukraine and Partners’  2nd Annual Ukraine Action Summit Brings Together 300+ Advocates in Washington D.C. 

WASHINGTON, D.C — This April, Razom for Ukraine, along with our partners in the American Coalition for Ukraine, co-organized the 2nd Ukraine Action Summit in Washington DC. This year, we expanded on all fronts – more participants, more partner organizations, and more programming. Over 300 participants from 34 states, representing 62 organizations, joined us in Washington D.C. for three days of Congressional meetings, advocacy training, panel discussions, and networking.

Our Summit began with a kickoff and advocacy training session at Georgetown University, where participants were given a primer on the key legislative issues around Ukraine, how to talk to lawmakers and staffers and met with their state delegations. For the next two days of the Summit, participants joined over 150 meetings with Congressional staffers, offices, and representatives from states across the country. All told, they met with 1/3rd of the offices in Congress. 

During the meetings, participants discussed the measures Congress can take to help Ukraine, including designating the Wagner Group a foreign terrorist organization, declaring Ukraine’s invasion a genocide, providing consistent military aid, condemning Russia’s forced transfer of Ukrainian children, and more. We want to thank all the offices that welcomed our participants, and have supported Ukraine – victory will require us all working together.

Nearby, participants also attended panel sessions, held in downtown D.C, where they  heard from experts on topics such as aid to Ukraine, the latest analysis from the frontlines, decolonizing Western academia, stopping genocide and child deportations, media and advocacy, and more. Experts presented candid insights and actionable tips for participants to maximize their advocacy work and educate their communities about Ukraine – thank you to all our panelists for joining us!

On Tuesday, participants joined a press conference on Capitol Grounds featuring Representatives Wilson, Cohen and Kaptur, alongside Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko. At the conference, the representatives announced the bipartisan Ukrainian Victory Resolution. The resolution affirms that it is the US policy to support Ukraine’s victory against the Russian invasion and holds that Ukraine must secure its victory by integration into NATO. It also declares that the United States must work with its allies and partners to ensure that Russian leaders are held accountable for their acts, while Ukraine receives reparations, reconstruction, and justice. 

Thank you to these representatives and cosponsors of this important resolution, and the representatives who introduced it in the Senate: Senators Blumenthal, Whitehouse, and Graham. It is vital for our international partners that the United States have a clearly articulated strategy for supporting Ukraine – and this resolution lays out a vision for a secure, just peace for Ukraine. 

The work of organizing the Summit was headed up by Razom Advocacy – a branch of Razom for Ukraine committed to advancing nonpartisan research and policy and to nurturing community engagement across the United States and Ukraine – in collaboration with the American Coalition for Ukraine. To learn more about the Ukraine Action Summit and the American Coalition for Ukraine, visit AmericanCoalitionForUkraine.org, & check out the hashtags #UkraineActionSummit on social media.

Being able to bring together so many advocates from around the country to fight for peace, justice, and prosperity in Ukraine, for the second time in less than a year, has been stupendous. Showing unity and enthusiasm is crucial for sustaining strong support for Ukraine by our representatives. We look forward to continuing this important work together. To be the first to know about the dates for the next Summit, follow the American Coalition for Ukraine on Facebook.

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