Istorychna Pravda, a non-profit registered in Ukraine, fosters the responsible study of history of Ukraine with the goal of giving more people access to information about events of the past. Projects of Istorychna Pravda create a sphere for dialogue among academics, policy makers, civic organizations, and individual citizens to have constructive explorations of history.

Razom and Istorychna Pravda have teamed up to raise $50,000 in 12 months to build an endowment for the non-profit in Ukraine.


In 2017, the team launched a crowdfunding campaign in Ukraine and raised just over 1 million UAH in 5 months from 971 donors. That is almost $40,000 from people in Ukraine and around the world. The smallest single contribution was 1 UAH the largest single contribution was 139, 347 UAH. Istorychna Pravda aims to build on that tremendous show of confidence through a North American crowdfunding campaign with Razom Partners.


We look forward to sharing more with you about the work of the project. Please donate today and tell your friends.


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9th Birthday of Istorychna Pravda

9th Birthday of Istorychna Pravda

On October 18, our Razom Partner, Istorychna Pravda celebrated their 9th Birthday: ...