Istorychna Pravda Expands to Reach a Wider Audience through the Razom Partners Program

We are happy to announce that Isotrychna Pravda and Razom Partners have teamed up to make it easier for donors in North America to join the hundreds of reader-supporters in Ukraine to grow the work of the online publication.


The Razom Partners program is run by volunteers as an ‘accelerator’ for non-profit organizations in Ukraine whose mission is in line with that of Razom. Istorychna Pravda has been publishing articles about specific events in the history of Ukraine for over 7 years.  When the founders first got together in the summer of 2010 and decided to launch the project, they articulated an editorial policy which they still live by today:


“Ми відкриті для всіх компетентних точок зору і думок, не друкуємо замовних текстів, не беремо участі у партійних і виборчих кампаніях, але залишаємо за собою право мати власну точку зору з приводу всіх подій, людей та явищ сьогодні та вчора.”


“We are open to all competent points of view and thoughts, we do not publish texts in exchange for payment, we do not participate in political party nor election campaigns, but we retain the right to have our own viewpoints regarding events, people and activities of today and of yesterday.”

Source: Istorychna Pravda website

Istorychna Pravda has operated on ‘sweat equity’ for its initial years. Some readers made contributions; almost all the work was donated by volunteers. In 2017, the team launched a crowdfunding campaign in Ukraine and raised just over 1 million UAH in 5 months from 971 donors. That is almost $40,000 from people in Ukraine and around the world. The smallest single contribution was 1 UAH the largest single contribution was 139, 347 UAH.  Istorychna Pravda aims to build on that tremendous show of confidence through a North American crowdfunding campaign with Razom Partners. We are proud to launch that campaign today.


Many readers of Istorychna Pravda wanted to donate through the campaign in 2017, but were concerned about the logistics of transferring funds from accounts in North America to accounts in Ukraine. Here is where the Razom Partners program helps. Razom volunteers will work alongside the team of Istorychna Pravda over the coming months to spread the word about the opportunity to support the important work of this online publication. Donations will be collected via PayPal, check and cash by Razom volunteers. Those donations will then be transferred to the Isotrychna Pravda team so they can be used to grow the project and explore the history of Ukraine.


Razom and Istorychna Pravda share the mission of increasing civic engagement. When you study your own history (both the good parts and the bad parts) then you are able to be a more informed citizen and you are less susceptible to being manipulated by others.
In November 2016,  Vaktang Kipiani, a founder of Istorychna Pravda, spoke at Columbia University in New York at an event organized by the Ukrainian Students Society, the Ukrainian Studies Program and Razom. Read about it and see some photos here. He said, ‘There is no such thing as an abstract Ukraine. There is only us.’


Не існує абстрактна Україна. Є тільки ми. – Вахтанг Кіпіані


We look forward to sharing more with you about the work of the project. Please donate today and tell your friends.


Support Istorychna Pravda by making a contribution today.


BY CHECK: Make the check payable to Razom, Inc. and in the memo line please write ‘Istorychna Pravda.’  Mail it to 140 Second Avenue Suite 305 New York, NY 10003


BY PAY PAL: Use the link below and your donation will be tagged to go specifically to Istorychna Pravda.   The transaction is secure. A few clicks and you will make a big difference.

Photo: Nestor Muzychka

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