Newsletter #16: How Your Donations Are Making An Impact And Much More

It’s important to remember that in Ukraine, rockets don’t choose where to fall, so the wounds of civilians and soldiers are the same.  As we enter day 83 of the war that should have never happened, we are eager to share how your generous donations to Razom help save lives in Ukraine.   

Dear Razom community,

To date, there have been over 300 events hosted worldwide benefiting Razom.  At one point, GoFundMe had 91 fundraisers for Razom live on its platform.  Today, we’ve had over 120,000 donors support our work, with the average donation being under $300 and the largest single donation being $1M.  That means that tens of thousands of you took individual action to help Ukraine.  We know we have yet to acknowledge and sincerely thank every one of you, but we promise to get there soon!  In the meantime, Razom continues to focus on converting all of those generous donations into something that saves lives as fast as possible.  The following are some highlights of that work:

Here is a screenshot of a testimonial sent to one of our TacMed Team leaders, Tonya, from a doctor at a Chernivtsi Emergency Hospital where a lot of wounded (including children) are sent ->

To date, Razom has delivered 100 hospital grade wound vac machines across hospitals in Ukraine, and 220 more are on their way from Sweden right now!  We’ve also procured 1,000 manual emergency wound vacs, plus dressings, that will be making their way to Ukraine in the next few weeks. 

Below is a photo of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (ДСНС) utilizing one of the civilian drones Razom procured and delivered to Kharkiv in their process of demining the city.  Kharkiv is one of the most mined places in Ukraine (and the world) right now, slowing down reconstruction efforts and risking the lives of tens of thousands of people.  Using drones to locate mines increases safety in the process and decreases the long hours it takes to do this work.  Razom is working to deliver more of this tech enabled humanitarian aid in the right hands in Ukraine.

Given humanitarian needs change by the hour and come from multiple geographical points at the same time, Razom awards grants to grassroots initiatives in Ukraine who are responding quickly to the needs of civilians and internally displaced persons.  The program has grown significantly in the past weeks:

  • Volonterska UA was awarded $30,000 to deliver food and medicines to the elderly and people with disabilities in Kharkiv.  Their call center receives 1,000 calls daily and has built up a team that can process 300-350 requests per day.  
  • Ukrainian Charity Alliance was awarded $16,000 to create and deliver over 780 kits of food essentials that have a long shelf life for civilians with low mobility in the Kharkiv region.  They also provided humanitarian aid for shelters housing those that lost their homes in the bombing and occupation of regions surrounding Kharkiv.  World-renowned poet, writer, native-Kharkivian, and Razom partner, Serhiy Zhadan visited some of those shelters to help deliver aid. 
  • The Korsaks’ Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art in Lutsk was awarded $16,000 to help operate a shelter for evacuees and refugees in Ukraine.  In April alone, they provided shelter for 12,983 IDPs, including 120 permanent residents (all 30 days) and 1,163 temporary residents (4 days on average).  They converted a section of Adrenalin City (the local Lutsk mall) and adjacent hostel into a shelter filled with beautiful modern art from the museum founder’s personal collection.  The group runs frequent art, craft, yoga, breathing, dancing, and performance art workshops for kids and adults, providing ample opportunity for IDPs to rehabilitate and recover.

The latest tally from our Hospitals Team is that an estimated $7.5M worth of in-kind donations of medicine and medical supplies have been made thanks to organizations like Americares, MedShare, Partners for World Health, Direct Relief, and companies like Figs and Cabinet Health.  Razom has successfully delivered $3.7M worth of those donations to Ukraine. 

  • For example this week, 2,000 IFAKs donated by Direct Relief arrived in Razom’s warehouse in Ukraine and are ready for distribution.
  • The team also sorted through 8 pallets of individual in-kind donations at our New Jersey warehouse and reconfigured 3 pallets of the most urgent supplies to ship to Ukraine asap.

Razom’s Head of Major & Transformational Gifts, Olena Nyzhnykevych, took to the keynote stage at KubeCon in Spain this week to talk about what Razom is, how we’ve grown, what we’re working on as we scale up, and educate the open source and cloud native community about what Ukraine is going through right now.  There were 7,000 people in attendance in person and over 10,000 online.  

After three years, the St. George Ukrainian Festival is back in NYC which means that the famous Razom yellow couch and Face Box are back too!  Come join the Razom Lounge this Saturday and Sunday to learn all about our work in delivering aid and advocacy, pack some IFAKs, participate in an art workshop, and be together.  Before we open up the Lounge though, we’ll be marching on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Join us for the “Live Chain for Ukraine” on Saturday 5/21 at 12pm on theManhattan or Brooklyn side of the bridge and meet in the middle.  Spread the word, we will need a lot of people to make this a powerful event!

If you can’t be in New York City this weekend, there are so many other events around the country (including virtually!) to look forward to: 

In New York:

In Illinois: Today, May 20 at 6:30pm, theCobra Lounge in Chicago will host a benefit show titled “Punks For Ukraine” with all proceeds from ticket sales going to Razom. 

In Connecticut:  On May 21, a local group of runners in Cheshire, CT are hosting a 5K run/walk in their town to fundraise for Razom.  Learn more info on how to join them or contribute to their GoFundMe page go here

In Michigan:  On Tuesday, May 24 starting at 6:30pm, the Armory Brewing Company in Grand Haven will be donating a portion of their sales that evening to Razom! 

In California:  On Sat, May 28, the Riviera Village on Redondo Beach will have over 14 businesses donating 20% of their proceeds to Razom.

In Virginia:  On June 24from 6-19pm the Beach Gallery in Virginia Beach is hostinga Hope for Ukraine Art Show & Silent Auction with all proceeds going to either Razom or the World Central Kitchen.  

Virtually:  From now until May 31st, Ukrainian artist Mariya Zeltsman and Metaversero (World’s first XR NFT Marketplace) are selling NFTs to benefit Razom

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and continuing to #StandWithUkraine.

Stay Razom.

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