First 100k Spent on Medical Supplies

Within the Emergency Response efforts, our team is working day and night on finding and purchasing the needed medical supplies.

The initial plan was to purchase everything needed in Ukraine, but as it usually happens Ukrainian suppliers ran out of gear and med materials within the first orders from the government. Our current plan is to purchase medical supplies in the US and Europe and deliver it to Ukraine as soon as possible.
At the moment we have ordered life-saving medical supplies for the amount of about $100,000 and continue purchasing as you are reading this post.

Among the first purchases are:
– Rescue CAT Tourniquets (GEN 7),
– Israeli Emergency Bandages (6″, 100/box),
– QuilClot Combat Gauzes (Z Fold),
– IV Start Kits,
– Nasopharyngeal Airways,
– Bag Valve Masks,
– Sterile ABD Pads
– and Iridium Satellite Phones.

The receipts for $50K are attached. We highly value transparency and will share the other receipts soon, as well as all the updates of further purchases. Please, be patient, it’s an emergency, and we are doing our best.

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