Medical Reform In Ukraine Explained By A Brain Surgeon

Razom and The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA) welcomed Dr. Igor Kurilets, Ukrainian neurosurgeon and Co-Pilot project participant, in New York on March 18th at Caveat.

We asked Dr. Kurilets to share his experience with medical reform in Ukraine and talk about how he sees the evolution of medical education in Ukraine in the future.

After the detailed presentation, a panel of local physicians joined Dr. Kurilets on stage for a discussion about the collaboration between Ukrainian and American doctors.

The panel included:
Dr. Marta Lopatynsky, a board certified ophthalmologist and president of UMANA Metro Chapter;
Dr. Tina Goloborodko, Doctor of Internal Medicine and New York based activist working on Ukraine-related issues;
Dr. Luke Tomycz, pediatric neurosurgeon and Lead Physician with the Co-Pilot Project;
Mariya Soroka, President of Razom for Ukraine, moderated the conversation.

We thank everyone who could join us at the Caveat cafe on the Lower East!

About UMANA:
The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, founded in 1950, is a voluntary non-profit association of professionals licensed to practice in their areas of health care in the United States and Canada. UMANA’s objectives are: 1. Unite health care professionals of Ukrainian descent, who share an interest in promoting the health of Ukrainians; 2. Share medical knowledge and scientific research with emphasis on aspects unique to Ukrainians.

About CPP:
Co-Pilot Project is an initiative within Razom for Ukraine that aims to address the significant deficit in high-quality neurosurgical and spine surgery training in Ukraine, a country of 45 million people in eastern Europe. Just as a co-pilot acts as another set of eyes and ears for the pilot, our mission is to send surgeons from North America to mentor and aid Ukrainian surgeons through difficult cases.​ Learn more here.

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