Updates from Our Razom Health Team: Medical Equipment Delivered to Ukraine

We are eager to share with you some good news from the Razom Health Team:

A 40-foot container full of durable medical equipment donated by Afya Foundation – including walkers, stretchers, wheelchairs, crutches, and more – has arrived at Razom’s warehouse in Lviv. This much-needed equipment will now be distributed by Rescue Now – an organization that delivers humanitarian aid, supports the elderly, and evacuates people and pets in eastern Ukraine.

Six more Butterfly iQ+ portable ultrasounds from Butterfly Network, Inc have made it to Ukraine.
These will be used in hospitals throughout the Kharkhiv and Lviv oblasts, and more are en route to other areas of Ukraine. There is a strong need for mobile diagnostics throughout the country, and Razom is helping to meet this need. In addition to hospitals, we have been supporting mobile clinics by procuring and delivering some of the most-requested equipment – including these portable ultrasounds. This equipment delivery is part of our broader work to support and train Ukrainian medical professionals operating in conditions of urban warfare. Back in April, Razom helped support a MedGlobal medical mission, during which Ukrainian doctors learned to operate in hospitals dealing with an unprecedented influx of wounded patients, where diagnoses and treatments have to be made on the move.

Another vital shipment of donated medications from our partners at Americares has also arrived in Ukraine. To date, Americares has donated ten shipments of medicines and medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals via Razom Health Team. Our on-the-ground partners Zdorovi will distribute this latest shipment, ensuring that the medications reach the hospitals and patients most in need.

It takes a village to support Ukraine and we are deeply grateful to Afya Foundation, Americares, Butterfly Network and everyone who partners with us in this life-saving work!

Razom Health Team works on obtaining and delivering large in-kind donations to Ukrainian hospitals that need them the most. Such donations are medical equipment, furniture and supplies. Razom Health is a part of the Razom Emergency Response. If you have suggestions of large donations to hospitals, reach out to the team at hospitals@razomforukraine.org.

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