Joint Statement on Inter-Community Support for Ukraine

The ethnic and religious communities we represent believe in democracy, human rights, and freedom. We call the United States home but share historic experiences of oppression, violence, and war — many times also at the hands of the Russian regime. We wholeheartedly support Ukraine in its fight for these values. 

We praise the United States for its support of the Ukrainian people defending their homeland. We applaud the great Ukrainian community in the United States for their efforts to support Ukraine. The United States must continue to support Ukraine militarily, financially, and materially on any and all levels possible. We urge the United States government to do all within its power to continue providing the Ukrainian people with the assistance they need in their fight for freedom, justice, and truth. 

Ukraine must prevail as quickly as possible to stop the loss of life and begin rebuilding. We call on Congress to immediately pass the emergency supplemental appropriation for critical security and economic assistance to Ukraine.

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