Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine: Impact and Solutions

Representatives of UNHCR (UN Refugee agency), UNICEF, and ECHO (EU Humanitarian aid and Civil Protection department) spoke about their important work of alleviating human suffering in Ukraine. They reaffirmed their commitment to providing humanitarian assistance to the displaced people in Ukraine. These organizations are also ready to help Ukraine’s government rise to the urgent challenge of implementing the legal framework and physical infrastructure necessary to respond to the current IDP crisis.


A devastating humanitarian crisis in the middle of Europe, eastern Ukraine, has currently displaced nearly 2 million people, including 1.2 million internally displaced people and 777,250 refugees in neighboring countries. Panelists gathered to answer some important questions. What is the extent of the crisis? How can we come together to alleviate the suffering of millions of displaced people in Ukraine? What is the role of the UN and European Union to end the humanitarian disaster?



  • Mr. Udo Janz, the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) director, who will be discussing the refugee issues, emergency and crisis intervention programs, and Ukraine’s current and long-term situation.
  • Mr. Jesus Diaz Carazo, first secretary of humanitarian affairs at the EU delegation to the UN, will speak on the EU humanitarian action in Ukraine.
  • Mr. Dragan Markovich, Emergency Officer at UNICEF, overlooks UNICEF Ukraine’s response to the issues on the ground.


This event was co-sponsored by the Columbia Human Right Graduate Group, SIPA Human Rights Working Group, Ukrainian Students Society at Columbia, Ukrainian Studies Program at Columbia, NGO Razom, and NGO EU Association.


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