Generous Healthcare Donations Illuminate the Spirit of Giving

The holiday season brings a spirit of compassion and giving. Two major donations recently accepted by Razom Health illuminate this spirit and the positive impact created by our partnerships. The contributions from Dr. Rocco Armonda, and Partners for World Health brought much-anticipated medical supplies to assist healthcare efforts in Ukraine. The commitment and generosity demonstrated by these donors is commendable, and their contributions will undoubtedly help alleviate the stress on Ukraine’s health system.

Razom Health expresses heartfelt gratitude for the impactful gift from Dr. Rocco Armonda, which arrived at Dnipro Mechnikov Hospital:  four pallets of neurosurgical supplies. This valuable donation is crucial to the dedicated doctors, who heroically save lives every day. The delivery is Dr. Armonda’s twelfth shipment since the full-scale invasion began, bringing the total to 29 pallets, weighing over 5,000 kilograms, with a value exceeding 4 million USD. Razom Health is grateful for Dr. Armonda’s continued support over the past two years, contributing significantly to our cause.

A long-awaited container of medical supplies from Partners for World Health (PWH) has arrived in Ukraine, marking the first time Razom Health has navigated a new tracking system required by the Ukrainian government. This donation from PWH is the fourth in the past two years, a testament to the organization’s stalwart commitment to support healthcare efforts in Ukraine. With a total weight of 22,000 pounds, the 40-foot container boasts an entire emergency hospital’s worth of supplies, a treasure trove of high-quality medical equipment and supplies including hospital beds, stretchers, defibrillators, ultrasound machines, and various essential medical consumables. We are truly grateful for the tireless efforts of PWH donors and volunteers to ensure that these vital resources reach those in need.

Once again, Razom Health would like to express our appreciation for all of these partnerships and substantial contributions. As we celebrate the season of giving, these transformative healthcare donations serve as inspiring reminders of the impact that partnerships like these have on communities in need. The stalwart support from  Dr. Rocco Armonda and Partners for World Health embodies the true spirit of the holidays, offering hope, healing, and a brighter future for Ukraine. 

Razom says Dyakuyu!

Thank you to our esteemed partners and individuals for their invaluable support: Institutional Support – Duke University Neurosurgery, Thomas Jefferson University Neurosurgery, MedStar Georgetown University Neurosurgery, Miami University Hospital Neurosurgery, Balt Corporation, Doro, NeuroOptics (Pupillometry), Longevity (Cranial Implants), Neurovascular Divisions for Medtronic, Stryker, and Microventions, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Jackson Foundation, Mizuho Microsurgical Sugita Aneurysm Clips, Raumedic Neuromonitoring, Baxter Hemostatics. 

Special Recognition to – Ivan Bezkoravanny, Heidi Armonda, Michelle Armonda, Dr. Mario Golokovsky, Dr. Catherine Reilly and Family, Jeremy Kaczaniuk, Steve Brown, Dr. Gerry Grant (Chairman of Duke Neurosurgery), Dr. Rober H. Rossenwasser (Chairman of Neurosurgery Thomas Jefferson University), Dr. Maxim Shapiro (NYU NeuroIR), Alex Razmovsky (PhD), Ken Green (DDS).

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