Care Packages for New-Yorkers

On May 5th, we devoted the special GivingTuesdayNow initiative to help the community that’s in the global epicenter of the pandemic: NYC. We are preparing Care Packages that will both cheer up Ukrainians in New York with a token of our care and appreciation and support local Ukrainian-based businesses that are suffering because of the quarantine measures. Join our volunteer team and donate today.

With your support, Razom volunteers have been delivering PPE to medical professionals in Ukraine over the last two months. To date, we have purchased and delivered almost $30,000 in masks, gowns, and other protective equipment. We couldn’t have done this without your generosity. Thank you! 

Now, we want to turn our attention to the community in the global epicenter of the pandemic – our home: NYC.

We want to support Ukrainians in New York – our businesses, workers, families, and especially the elderly who are particularly vulnerable during these times. We will combine efforts with Ukrainian leaders and partner organizations throughout the area to reach as many  people as possible. Mariya Soroka has already contacted many organizations and their volunteers. But again, we are turning to you to help us identify who in our community could use some support.      

As we strive to champion local businesses, we will prioritize purchasing edible care-packages and supplies from Ukrainian-owned businesses (Streecha, Veselka, Baczynsky East Village Meat Market, and more).  Our volunteers will distribute them to those in need. 

Do you know someone who needs help or could use a bit of cheering up? Fill out the form here.

Our dedicated team of volunteers, including Oksana Falenchuk, Dora Chomiak, Oleksii Prokopenko, Anya Sobolevska and others, are working on the lists and will try to honor as many requests as we can: all while maintaining a safe distance. We are grateful to the Ukrainian Running Club who have joined the efforts, spreading the word and whose volunteers agreed to help with the deliveries. We are thankful to Olesia Lew, a professional chef and an active member of the Ukrainian community, who has been a tremendous help working with the businesses to create the care packages, as well as contacting the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Big thanks to Khrystia Karpevych, whom you might know from the Ukrainian Museum and NTSh events. Khrystia is helping us with contacts at the Samopomich Senior Club and the Marijska Druzhyna at St. George’s Church.

Donations made here throughout the month of May will be matched by the #Nonprofit Matching-Fund Initiative by the Nonprofit Hub, Do More Good, and Firespring. 

As we remain alone and in our homes, now, more than ever, is the time to band together behind this initiative, to help together, to give together.

Ukrainians in NYC need our support, and razom, we can help each other get through these difficult times.

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