Razom Translates aims to increase the visibility of Ukrainian literature in the English speaking world. We develop relationships with publishers, translators, booksellers and readers. We urge publishers to notice the works of Ukrainian literature, help with the translation costs, and promote translated books.

Literature is an important way we communicate with the world at large. Through literature people can explore another culture, learn about its past, present and about its aspirations. Through literature people can connect with people in another culture on an emotional level. Literature helps us to understand one another.


Razom Translates was launched as a continuation of another Razom Initiative, Razom Book Club, when members of the club noticed how few of the books we were reading were translated into English. The desire to share this experience with our English speaking friends and with the larger world prompted us to create Razom Translates.

Volodymyr Rafeyenko

Mondegreen: Songs about Love and Death

We were so impressed with one book we were reading in the club, that we launched and succefully completed a Kickstarter project to collect the funds for its translation.

Mondegreen Ukr
: Songs about Death and Love

Volodymyr Rafeyenko’s Mondegreen: Songs about Love and Death was published by the Harvard Library of Ukrainian Literature in 2022 with  financial support from Razom Translates.

Our work doesn't stop with the publishing

Members of our community then promote the book to readers by organizing events in their communities. In April 2022 we collaborated with the Center For Fiction in New York City to organize an event that spotlighted four recently published novels by Ukrainian authors.

With the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the need to get Ukrainian books into the hands of readers worldwide became that much more urgent.

Please donate to enable us to publish more Ukrainian books in English.

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Russia has again hit Ukraine in a massive missile attack, aiming at multiple cities and destroying Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv – the biggest and most modern facility to treat complicated cases of cancer and heart disease in children.

Razom Health is on the ground, ready to mobilize supplies, equipment and work with partners aid and assist.

You can help support our teams already volunteering and working to help innocent victims of the Okhmatdyt tragedy and other healthcare facilities in Ukraine that are under regular threat of attack.