Razom Relief was created in 2022 to  help civilians in Ukraine who were directly affected by the russian invasion. Since then we helped more than 1,000,000 people by providing food and shelter, psychological support and clean water, winter supplies and spaces or kids to learn and socialise. We achieve this by partnering with more than 150 local and grassroots organizations that know the needs of their communities better than anyone else. Our unique approach allows us to empower these local initiatives to play an important role in humanitarian and recovery efforts. We support them by giving grants, building organizational capacity, creating opportunities for collaboration and sharing knowledge. Most of our help is targeted towards small communities where there are less resources. 

Our mission for 2024 is to Help people in small Ukrainian communities rebuild their lives and become more united and self-reliant. We focus on regions that have been liberated or are near the front lines, and support displaced people and children in communities across Ukraine.



Since march 2022 Razom Relief is helping to improve the lives of people in need by  delivering humanitarian aid to front line communities, helping to prepare for winter, installing water filtering systems and providing power sources. 

We aim at providing people with necessary help and ensuring that even in harsh conditions they can continue to live with dignity.

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The areas of Ukraine that were under occupation have suffered significant damage. A lot of the area is mined, houses destroyed, communication lines are disrupted. Our team works with our partner organizations to make sure people can restore their lives. Our projects include repairing houses, shelters and bomb shelters, providing medicine and renewing private farming.
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By supporting camps and centers for kids and teenagers, we aim to provide more than just education, skills, and safety in high-risk areas. Our goal is also to prevent young people from losing their sense of direction. Supporting these kids today means contributing to the future stability and reconstruction of the country.

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We also provide psychological assistance, particularly through innovative methods like family retreats, tourist retreats, art therapy, crafts, and community-building activities, aims to promote healing and development within communities.

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Employment stands as a crucial factor for the integration process, facilitating the integration of individuals who have been compelled to relocate and those undergoing hardship.

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Razom Ticket is an initiative with a mission to increase engagement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines among Ukrainian children. We strive to provide a head start for kids to the world of professional science, IT and entrepreneurship.

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The children of the fallen defenders in Ukraine are under constant stress. They are in dire need of help. As grown ups must understand that we owe them an unpaid debt as we could not save them from the horrors of war. The “RAZOM TOY DRIVE” team will do everything to wrap little children’s hearts with our warmth and love.

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Razom Stronger 

In cooperation with ‘Philanthropy in Ukraine’ we launched the program of organizational grants and mentoring support for our grantees. The program was open for existing grantees in good standing. The grants were targeted at increasing the organizational capacity of NGOs in various areas, such as fundraising, strategic planning and financial management. 

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Our Team

Anna Solovei

Program Director

Martyn Kostyk

Legal and operational associate

Oksana Hoshovska

Grant Manager

Marichka Pohorilko

Grant Manager

Karina Vartapetian

Business analyst

Oksana Lytvyn

Head of the “Toy Drive” program in the USA

Vasyl Ivanchenko

“Toy Drive” project coordinator

Liudmyla Kravtsova

“Toy Drive” volunteer

Tetyana Dzhula

“Razom Ticket” project Manager