The Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation (BHFF) aims to promote the democratic transformation of Ukraine by creating a critical mass of patriotic pro-active young Ukrainian professionals, responsible for their own future and for the future of their country.

Razom has worked with the BHFF on one of their signature initiatives since 2017: the UN Youth Delegate program. Each year the foundation conducts a rigorous nationwide search to select two participants who come to New York City to represent Ukraine at the annual UN Youth Delegate conference.


Razom volunteers have hosted the participants, organized meetings in New York and served as local guides for these talented young leaders from Ukraine. The delegates work with colleagues from around the world. When they return to Ukraine they continue to work on a specific social project which they had started before their trip.


In October 2018 we formalized our relationship by signing a Razom Partners agreement with BHFF. We continue to work together on the UN Youth Delegate program and we have expanded our cooperation to help donors in the United States connect with BHFF in Ukraine.

BHFF operates several projects under the banner Молодь Змінить Україну (Young Generation Will Change Ukraine) which was started by the late Bohdan Hawrylyshyn who explained:

“We started with a dream of what our country is supposed to be. Its natural and human potential is huge, and the current state is very bad. The dream turned into a plan. In 2012 ‘Young Generation Will Change Ukraine’ program was launched to help the country go through a process of transformation and become an effective country.  I am very proud of the program participants. I have learned a lot from them, communicating with them and reading their articles”

‘Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the UN’ is a nationwide program aimed at increasing the participation of youth in international politics and spreading of the principles of the UN among young people, as well as building a dialogue between the government of Ukraine and young people.


‘Local schools of Young Generation Will Change Ukraine’ is a training that provides participants with the knowledge on the topics of social innovation in the field of public administration and project management. Intensive modular training with a combination of theory and practical cases and individual work and projects help participants to prepare and implement their own ideas for local development.


Within the partnership, Razom helps the BHFF raise necessary funds to keep the important work and projects up and running. Additionally, Razom helps to support youth UN delegates in NYC with housing and networking beneficial for delegates’ future projects in Ukraine.


Razom and BHFF are working to build a stronger democracy in a prosperous Ukraine.


Razom agrees with the approach of BHFF to create programs for young patriotic Ukrainians, who play an active part in the public life of the country, who are willing to be the driving force of fundamental changes in Ukraine with regard to the European experience. We see the tremendous potential in the citizens of the country and we are glad to work together to connect people around the world.

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