Charitable organization Yellow Help is a result of the collaboration of Kharkiv entrepreneurs who promptly reacted to the full-scale war started by russia in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Having started with evacuations of civilians, Yellow Help continues growing and extending areas of their help provided to people in Ukraine.

Starting February 24, 2022, Kharkiv has been under destruction due to russia’s constant bombings. Kharkivians lose their homes every day. Kharkiv continuously endures shelling and destruction of houses and infrastructure. About 2,000 residential buildings have already been wiped out, and this figure is constantly growing. The team of Yellow Help volunteers supports Kharkiv residents on a daily basis – from evacuations to food deliveries, from window and door repairs to providing shelter to those in need.


Yellow Help became an official Razom Partner in September 2022, after a successful collaboration and receiving financial help as a Razom Grantee. It has become clear that the values and goals of Yellow Help align with Razom’s mission. Thus, we established an official partnership. Now you can donate directly to support Yellow Help and their work in Kharkiv and other regions of Ukraine.


Taxi fleet, CRM, and logistics are the three components that make the charitable organization Yellow Help incredibly efficient and successful in its mission. When russia started the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, three fellow entrepreneurs got together and organized a volunteering initiative to address the humanitarian crisis in Kharkiv. More than 70 volunteers have joined the team, and now they pack and deliver over 800 food aid packages daily.


Mykola Minaev, the founder of the Yellow Taxi service, stayed back in Kharkiv and turned 54 cars from his taxi fleet into evacuation vehicles. Oleksiy Siromolot, an entrepreneur and business automation specialist, established the call center and introduced an improved CRM system that supports the fund’s operations. Oleksandr Kusayko, the head of the construction company, organized the supply of humanitarian aid in warehouses in Kharkiv and set up logistics. As a result, Yellow Help evacuated more than 5,000 families during the first days of the war and set up a sustainable food aid delivery system.


Today Yellow Help has multiple projects:

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