Ukrainian Charity Alliance x RAZOM


Ukrainian Charity Alliance is a non-profit organization that has been working in Kharkiv, Ukraine, since 2018. The main activity is aimed at helping people with low mobility, people with disabilities, seriously ill, single elderly people, and single parents raising children alone. Support is also provided to internally displaced people and people from the de-occupied territories.

Ukrainian Charity Alliance became Razom’s official Partner in May 2022. Since then, they have provided tens of thousands of people with monthly food kits. With Razom’s support, Ukrainian Charity Alliance continues assisting the residents of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region, especially those communities that suffered the most from air raids and occupation.

Project History

Ukrainian Charity Alliance has been working in Kharkiv since 2018. Before the war, their activities were aimed at helping and supporting the elderly, people with serious illnesses, people and children with disabilities, and children deprived of parental care.


The organization provided services of various types and directions: assistance with meals, food products, clothing, and household items, aid in preparing for school and organizing holidays for children without parental care, volunteer programs and activities for students, and psychological and legal consultations for those in need.


Before the start of the full-scale war in February 2022, the number of beneficiaries receiving aid from Ukrainian Charity Alliance was close to 10,000 people. After, this figure has almost tripled.


Providing assistance with food and hygiene products for people with limited mobility (people with disabilities, seriously ill people, lonely old people, etc.), for IDPs and residents of de-occupied territories.


The main areas of assistance:


  • – targeted delivery of food packages for people with limited mobility (hand-delivered from door to door);
  • – targeted delivery of hygiene kits for children and people with disabilities (hand-delivered from door to door);
  • – evacuation;
  • – assistance to people in the de-occupied territories;
  • – assistance to internally displaced persons;
  • – assistance to the communities of the Kharkiv region in preparation for winter.

If you’d like to support Ukrainian Charity Alliance in any other way (materials, volunteers, useful contacts etc.) please email ​For more info, visit their website and follow them on Facebook for updates.