Rescue Now x RAZOM


Rescue Now is a charitable organization that aids victims of russian military aggression in eastern Ukraine.
The principal areas of work include the evacuation of people and animals from the combat zone and de-occupied territories, the evacuation of bedridden persons, and the distribution of food, baby items, and pet supplies to vulnerable groups.

In April 2022, Razom officially partnered with Rescue Now to support their efforts in evacuating people and distributing humanitarian supplies to civilians in the East of Ukraine. Razom continues allocating financial and material resources, and time and time again, Rescue Now has shown to be a reliable and indispensable aid in Ukraine’s fight for peace and independence.

since february 24, 2022

202 people with different lives and goals — restaurateurs, photographers, IT entrepreneurs, actors, teachers, and investors — have become full-time volunteers. When the war put their lives on hold, they persevered and joined forces to help others.


Rescue Now volunteers evacuated thousands of people, including those with special needs and disabilities; supplied thousands of families with weekly food packages; found free housing for people who lost their homes. They also launched a program to train new volunteers.


Moreover, they developed a donation platform with the profiles of the senior people under Rescue Now patronage. Now anyone from anywhere in the world can easily subscribe and donate to a particular person they’d like to support.

current agenda

Rescue Now is working 24/7, constantly evacuating people from Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Slovyansk, Bakhmut, Soledar, Mykolayiv, Torets, Kostiantynivka, Markov, Chasov Yar, and many other settlements in the East of Ukraine. The geography keeps expanding, including in the liberated from the russian occupation territories. 


They evacuate people to the safety of Pokrovsk, Dnipro, Poltava and help them with accommodation.


Volunteers deliver humanitarian aid kits, water, medical supplies, and hygiene products to temporarily displaced people, people living in de-occupied and affected areas, seniors, people with disabilities, large families, and single mothers with children.


Besides that, Rescue Now is working on new initiatives:


→ Arrangement of shelters and scouting for safe accommodations;

→ Preparing for winter by procuring heaters, generators, blankets, warm clothes, etc.;

→ Supporting the elderly who are in our patronage program.

If you’d like to support Rescue Now in any other way (materials, volunteers, useful contacts etc.) please email ​If you need more info, visit their website and follow them on Instagram for updates.