The Time Capsule – a Golden Record

The Time Capsule - a Golden Record


February 24, 2024    
6:00 pm


Mirya Gallery
101 Reade Street, New York, New York, 10013

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RUKH Art Hub is honored to present The Time Capsule—a Golden Record—a philosophical art show featuring works by contemporary Ukrainian artists of different backgrounds, delving into the existential depths of human experience and exploring the complex relations between people on Earth.


The Time Capsule—a Golden Record concept draws inspiration from NASA’s idea of sending a record containing the essential information about human life on Earth on Voyager spacecraft’s board, in case it encounters extraterrestrial life. How can we, as humans, present ourselves in a single, concise message to someone who has never been to Earth? Most likely, we would choose to omit any mentions of human evil and violence.

However, what about us, humans, here on Earth? How can we explain to each other how to navigate life and death, what values to stand for, and what to be afraid of? How to stop our history from repeating itself? This art show is an attempt to convey the most intimate and valuable aspects of human life to its viewers—a “golden record” of human experience sent into eternal, endless space in search of contact.

Using various creative means, the artists contemplate the stark dichotomy between the eternal beauty of the Universe and the harsh realities of life on Earth. Against the backdrop of the war and daily atrocities created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they probe eternal themes of good and evil, the light and the darkness, the life and death, inviting the viewers to join them on this profound existential journey.

The Time Capsule—a Golden Record exhibition is organized with the support of Razom for Ukraine—an association committed to amplifying Ukrainian voices and fostering community spaces for collaboration and growth. Razom’s charity foundation extends financial support to Ukrainians in critical need, healthcare facilities, and frontline medics.

Featured Artists:
Polina Kuznetsova
Oleh Kalashnik
Aza Nizi Maza Studio
Oleksandr Liapin
Denis Sarazhin
Kostiantyn Zorkin
Andriy Bludov
Ave Libertatemaveamor
Mykhailo Alekseenko
Kostiantyn Lyzohub

Polina Kuznetsova

Partner: Razom for Ukraine ⸻ Venue Partner: Mriya Gallery

Opening Reception: Feb 24, 6 pm
Exhibition open: February 24 – March 03, 2024
101 Reade St, Tribeca, New York, NY 10013
Gallery Hours: 11 am – 8 pm
Private tours:

Cover art by Denis Sarazhin