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Here Are More Ways You Can Help

  • Write and call your elected representatives. Make your voice heard about your support for Ukraine and urge their support as well.
  • Participate in information events and advocate for Ukraine on social media. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest initiatives, and subscribe to our email newsletter for news on how you can support Ukraine in your community and beyond
  • Attend peaceful protests in your city.
  • Initiate fundraisers on behalf of Razom or other organizations doing great work (find more information here) and feel free to be as creative as possible. People have started personal fundraisers for Razom on social media, hosted charity concerts, poetry readings, and evenings dedicated to supporting Ukraine’s cause.
  • Initiate conversations with friends and strangers. Help them understand how this is not just a matter of existence for Ukrainians facing threat of genocide, but how this is an existential threat to the concept of democracy and a free world. Russia has made it absolutely clear that its ambitions won’t end with Ukraine. Putin’s desire to restore the Russian empire puts Europe at great risk of a direct confrontation with Russia without a Ukrainian victory. Every mind you open to this reality improves Ukraine’s position. Don’t underestimate the important of civil dialogue even in a casual setting. 
  • Purchase from Ukrainian brands to support individual businesses that bolster Ukraine’s economy. Here’s a list of Ukrainian brands curated for your convenience.

Our Logistics Make Your Dollar Do More

Because Razom is a well-established nonprofit working for 10 years on the ground in Ukraine, we’ve developed a sophisticated logistical and operational system to identify the areas of most need. The allows us to bring the most specific aid needed to the hardest hit areas of the country efficiently, thanks to the courage of selfless individuals putting their lives at risk to help others. Your dollar goes exponentially further when donated to an established organization that knows how best to use it.

Looking to Volunteer in Ukraine?

Razom for Ukraine works with a network on partners on the ground in Ukraine whose volunteer skills are saving lives and improving conditions for those hardest hit by this ongoing tragedy. Through various programs, together we are helping to sustain and support Ukraine to give her children a better tomorrow. We are currently open to accepting volunteers based in the U.S., particularly in the New York City area who can help from time to time. Fill out our volunteer form below and we will do our best to communicate efficiently with you, but please be aware it may take a few days to respond.

Medical Aid in Ukraine

Razom has spent 10 years developing various programs and partnerships in the United States and Ukraine including Razom Heroes and Razom Health.

Razom Heroes focuses on providing the most urgent care on the front line by training frontline medics, delivering emergency medical equipment and tech-enabled emergency response supplies that help facilitate the delivery of this aid. Additionally, Razom works to deliver vehicles along the safest and fastest routes to the front lines. 

Razom Health is our ambitious approach to revolutionizing healthcare in Ukraine through the procurement and delivery of medical aid, partnership with global health organizations, sponsoring medical training and education, and providing much needed psychological and medical support to civilians and veterans in Ukraine.

The number one way you can help with medical volunteering in Ukraine is by donating to these existing programs which literally save lives every single day. Your individual donation, no matter how small, adds up fast with the global community of support we experience through our cherished donors. While we don’t guarantee your donation is used to purchase a specific item, we are constantly evaluating the most urgent needs in Ukraine and allocating resources appropriately. Medical supplies and training are one of our greatest expenses but also among the most important parts of our mission delivery. 

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