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Razom Advocacy is a branch of Razom for Ukraine committed to advancing nonpartisan research and policy and to nurturing community engagement across the United States and Ukraine. We work together with experts, policy-makers, and constituents to help build a more democratic and prosperous Ukraine.


Razom Advocacy’s mission is supported by broad networks of supporters, including donors, experts, advocates, and partner organizations. We provide resources and tools for these networks to engage in advocacy. 

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Contact Representatives

The officials you elected have immense power to help Ukraine win this war and you have the power to ask them for assistance.


If you are in the US, you can contact your representatives and senators, as well as the White House.  We have some guides on how to do this, including a sample letter here: US Advocacy Guide


If you are outside of the US, the following document provides further information: Global Advocacy Guide

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Post to Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.  Sample messages you can use are available here: Advocacy Messaging. 


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what we are asking for


The Russian military is bombarding residential areas and targeting civilians and evacuation zones. Incompletely or belatedly meeting Ukraine’s military needs increases the risk of a long and bloody war of attrition with high civilian casualties, war crimes, and genocide.


We ask Congress to work with the Administration to bolster Ukrainian airpower and tank forces, particularly in light of the monumental successes of the recent counteroffensive.


Europe will not be stable unless Ukraine prevails against the invasion. The United States must provide more advanced systems and munitions, in particular precision-strike long-range weapons, like ATACMS.


We ask members of Congress to strengthen sanctions to
decrease Russia’s capacity to make war, violate international humanitarian laws, and commit

Sanctions must change incentive structures for individuals involved in carrying out the invasion.

The U.S. should target sanctions against material-service providers circumventing the Controlled Sales
and support Russian oil price cap efforts underway.


The larger-scale economic support is imperative for Ukraine to keep fighting and win. Ukraine currently needs $5B per month to cover essential government services and keep its economy functioning.


Bulk orders (>300,000) of basic individual first aid kits (IFAKs) are the most pressing medical need. 


The U.S. must designate Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism. 

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Russia has again hit Ukraine in a massive missile attack, aiming at multiple cities and destroying Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv – the biggest and most modern facility to treat complicated cases of cancer and heart disease in children.

Razom Health is on the ground, ready to mobilize supplies, equipment and work with partners aid and assist.

You can help support our teams already volunteering and working to help innocent victims of the Okhmatdyt tragedy and other healthcare facilities in Ukraine that are under regular threat of attack.