Veteranius is an initiative that aims to help veterans, volunteers and internally displaced persons to try, learn and gain work experience in IT. The goal is to not just teach, but to employ and involve participants in socially important projects. 


In early 2020, together with the BWN Group Razom launched the Veteranius project to help Ukrainian veterans, volunteers and internally displaced persons master programming skills. The initial participants of Veteranius already have jobs in IT and act as mentors for project newcomers. Thanks to the financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation and European Union in Ukraine within the humanitarian initiative “Humanity and Mutual Assistance”, as well as the BWN Group IT company, Razom expanded the project in August 2020 and now more veterans are able to join and benefit from the project. During the program, participants receive real tasks on projects that require software development. Their work is supported and supervised by mentors. With time, the project is aimed to transform into a permanent IT incubator. 

Ukrainian veterans can learn more about and join the project at

The WHY:


It is difficult for veterans to find work and resocialize after returning to civilian life. They need support in receiving professional training and psychological help to readapt in a peaceful environment. 


One option is to get a new profession. IT is the most promising and in-demand field in Ukraine. However, taking professional courses does not guarantee a job in the IT sector. The search for the first job can take months as companies usually do not want to hire people without experience. And this is a kind of vicious circle. There is no work without experience,  and no experience – without work. 


The idea of our project is to provide veterans with their first job in an IT company and train them in working conditions with simultaneous readaptation and socialization, creating a combined team of veteran newcomers to IT and experienced IT professionals.


The material reflects the position of Razom and does not necessarily reflect the position of the International Renaissance Foundation and the European Union.



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Kharkiv, the vibrant heart of northeastern Ukraine and its second-largest city, faces a brutal reality. As a major center of culture, education, and industry, Kharkiv, like Mariupol, Kherson, and other cities, faces unjust and unwarranted destruction.


Razom is doing everything we can to respond to the needs on the ground in Kharkiv, delivering aid through our programs.


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